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Mar 2012

Completed design and development of custom monopole antennas - Naval application

Completed Navy contracts for several Kits used on various Targets.

Received contract to supply custom electronics box and cable assemblies

Received contract to supply custom waveguide assemblies to the Navy

Designed custom USB hub for Defense contractor

Received contract to make custom cable assemblies for Northrop

Received contract to supply airborne wing kits to the Navy

Received Navy contract to supply miniature airborne antennas

Won award to supply miniature connectors to U.S Govt.

Completed the design for environmentally sealed potentiometers

Received contract to design and develope “bend2fit” military radio antennas

Received contract to manufacture high temperature thermo-couple cable assemblies for Detroit Diesel turbine engines

Received contract to produce helicopter communications cable assemblies.

Received Navy contract to manufacture waveguide assemblies and airborne kits

Completed contract to supply large connector / cable assemblies - 260 ft long for high power application on defense related equipment

Custom airborne antennas for missile systems were designed and delivered within a 6 week window to a military customer.

We have received a contract for the R&R a airborne target device and RF assemblies

Alpha Products Inc has just completed delivery of a custom design ignition device for the US Navy, which involved precision stainless steel machining capability and pressure seals.

We are pleased to announce that a major electronics company has placed an order for 50,000 custom coaxial connectors for PCB application in a defense oriented RF device.

A major medical products manufacturer has placed an order for custom molded cable assemblies for a miniature patient monitoring device.

Custom aluminium chassis for a electronic monitoring device are being shipped for an on-going 70,000 pcs order.

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